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Think you can't afford your child's education? Think again.

At HG Capital, we help Hawai’i’s parents work through the challenges of paying to send a child through day care, private school, summer camp, college — you name it, because we are here for you!

One of the biggest questions people ask themselves is “How are we going to afford the best education and care for our child?” and sadly most families run out of money before their child even finishes high school. Well at HG Capital we don’t like seeing families with unfulfilled dreams or weighed down with the stress and anxiety that most feel when facing this question. So we work with local families in making their dreams a reality! We take away the stress and show families how to align finances in a way that allows them to pay for the desired school and care of their child, in a comfortable manner while still being able to live a normal life.

In short, we make it so there are no more headaches, no more worries — which is something that most people carry. So check out our services to see what is right for you:


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